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Sakura Denze Book Nook


Take a ride on the Japanese underground and enjoy the streets of Tokyo in springtime with this build-your-own book nook manga. The beautiful cherry blossom trees and the metal bridge are slowly crossed by the underground. Two lights, one indoor and one outdoor, are installed in the bookstore by the river to provide a warm and welcoming light.


After finishing this book nook, you will discover a beautiful scenography of the streets of Tokyo in spring. This book nook will be an excellent decoration for your library or any other room.

This wooden book nook lights up to create an even more incredible atmosphere at night.

Specifications :
Type: Book Nook
Materials : Wood / Plywood
Dimensions : 22 x 12 x 19 cm (L x W x H) | 8.7 x 4.7 x 7.5in (L x W x H)
Number of pieces: 340
Assembly time: 6 hours
Lights: LED
Brand: Rolife

Sakura Denza Book Nook

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